Ästhetische Zahnfüllungen Side / Antalya Türkei

Composite fillings are aesthetics fillings that might directly be applied with the least loss of dental tissue and produced in the teeth color. This type of filling which had been known for years was not quite preferable due to its physical characteristics –resistance to pressure and tension- and weaknesses in bonding to dental tissue. However, thanks to the advancements that eliminated those weaknesses, it has become the most common filling material.

Composite fillings have replaced the so called silver & mercury based amalgam fillings. More aesthetic composite fillings that are less harmful for dental tissue are frequently used by dentists today. In addition to their pros with regards to aesthetics, composite fillings are attached to teeth by bonding systems as opposed to amalgam fillings that use mechanical attachment. Therefore, there is no need to use extra material from healthy dental tissue in composite fillings to enable attachment.

Composite fillings can be used for 10-15 years when they are well cared just as amalgam fillings. Then, a renewal might be necessary. Life span of composite fillings will be shorter if they are applied for individuals who use their teeth inappropriately and force their teeth by acts such as cracking nuts with their teeth, eating nails and breaking ice.